Your vehicle is one of your most important investments. Many experts recommend washing your car every two weeks, and more often during high-impact seasons. This keeps your vehicle looking great, protects and preserves its value, and makes you feel good too. With CleanPass, you can have a "forever clean" vehicle for one low monthly price. Joining is easy, and you can change or cancel your plan online any time.

frequently asked questions

All Green Clean Express car wash locations are open daily from 8 am – 8 pm, with the exception of a few major holidays when we close so our team members can spend time with their families.

At the entry kiosks, you can use cash, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  We also sell gift cards and accept them as payment for single visit washes.  CleanPass Unlimited Wash Club memberships must be purchased with a credit or debit card, which will be used for your recurring monthly fee.  You can also purchase and manage your  membership, as well as buy single visit washes or give washes as gifts, right from our website.

You can become a member of our CleanPass Unlimited Wash Club by choosing the unlimited wash upgrade option at the entry kiosk or by clicking the Join Now link on our website.  Simply follow the instructions to complete the simple registration process, then one of our friendly team members will install a small RFID sticker on your vehicle.  From then on, you can wash all you want at all our locations for one low monthly price charged to your credit or debit card on file.

Yes.  Everyone who comes through the car wash either on a single visit or with an Unlimited Wash Club membership can use our vacuums for free.  All we ask is that you limit your vacuum time to 10 minutes when it is busy and others are waiting.

Green Clean currently has car washes in Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, with more than 20 new express wash locations scheduled to open across Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina in 2021-2022.  A map of all current and future locations is available on the front page of our website.  We hope you will come and see us!

Our Unlimited Wash Club pricing is for one vehicle only. Tags may not be removed or shared.

Depending on how often you wash, quite a lot!  With CleanPass, you can enjoy unlimited Clean Extreme washes at all our locations including free vacuums for $34.99 per month – that’s less than the cost of two visits at the single wash price!

Although this is totally your decision, and we suggest that you follow any dealer or manufacturer guidelines that may be applicable to your vehicle, many reliable sources say that once every two weeks minimum is a good general rule of thumb.

We hope you will enjoy your membership so much that you will never want to leave, but if you need to downgrade your plan or cancel you may do so online at any time.  If you are going to cancel, please do so at least five business days prior to your scheduled monthly billing date to ensure your cancellation request is processed on time.

If your vehicle is in an accident and is either totaled or will not be repaired soon, or if you sell your vehicle and no longer have it, you will want to visit the member login area and cancel your membership.  We understand you don’t want to be paying for something you can’t use, and you are always welcome to sign up for a new CleanPass once you are back on the road!

Your monthly fee will be charged to your card on the same day of the month as when you originally signed up.  So if you joined on the 10th, you will be charged on the 10th.  Please keep in mind this is the date we process the charges on our end, and it could take up to several days before your financial institution completes the transaction and updates your balance.

We are always happy to assist by answering any questions you may have.  You can speak with a team member at any of our locations, or please fill out the contact form on our website.  We will reply as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours.