Although we wouldn’t know it with these beautiful fall temperatures, winter is on its way. Hampton Roads doesn’t usually get snow, but it has so we will include some car snow tips just in case. If you aren’t careful with tools and chemicals how you dig your car out after a snow storm could damage the finish, inside and out.

How to Prepare Before the Cold Weather Arrives

Getting ready for the winter season is important for your car too! Examining all exterior surfaces and washing to inspecting for chips and applying car wax and sealant where necessary. Here are some other tips to care for your car during the winter months:

Replace Carpet with Rubber

Some car owners (especially those from the North) replace carpet floor mats with rubber floor mats to avoid getting slushy, salty water on the carpet. Salt can cause unsightly stains and it’s possible the salty water would soak through the carpet and rust or corrode the floor of the car.

Where to Park

There are pros and cons to parking your vehicle outside in the winter elements or inside in a heated garage. Parking inside adds the elements of speeding up corrosion when the slush melts and reacts with the salt. Vehicles parked outside are exposed to the elements but everything stays cold or frozen which slows down the corrosive nature of salt.

Frequent Car Washing

Even in the winter it’s a good idea to wash your car every 10 days. A 40 degree day or higher is best and during the daylight hours. Green Clean Car washes not only protect and clean our customers’ vehicles, but protect the planet in the process with our Earth Ready® Products.

The undercarriage should get particular attention, especially in difficult to reach areas where salt build up can occur. This is a very difficult process to consider if you decide to do an at home wash. Another great advantage of using a car wash.

In conclusion the importance of road safety far outweighs the unfortunate downside to salt’s corrosive nature on vehicles. Following a regular routine of maintenance and prevention, the damaging effects of salt can be avoided. Green Clean Auto Wash offers Unlimited Car Wash Plans that will help you keep your vehicle maintained and save you money.

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