What is a touchless car wash?
It’s probably difficult for many to remember that the car wash industry was not always so high-tech. The first semi-automatic car wash in the United States made its debut in 1946 and since then the industry has grown in sophistication and size.

Touchless Auto Wash
Also referred to as Touch-Free LaserWash at our Green Clean Auto Wash facilities are automated, the vehicle passes through a tunnel where the vehicle is cleaned using high-pressure washers to clean and rinse the vehicle off. The high tech sensors allow for a more precise clean along the vehicles exact shape.

The advantage to touchless car wash or Touch-Free LaserWash is that the vehicle is not physically impacted during a touchless wash therefore most consider their vehicle at a lower risk of being damaged.

If a touchless car wash isn’t for you try our Self Serve Bay or Express Tunnel (with FREE Vacuum) car wash services.
For those of you who want or need a shiny car all the time our Unlimited Plan is the car wash plan for you. No contracts, wash as often as you’d like and one low price. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We offer Fleet Car Washing services too.

Green Clean Auto Wash your answer to all your car washing needs. Stop by one of our locations today and see the difference.